ALEXA Mini With Same Image Quality As ALEXA Is Coming

With new tools like the MoVI & Ronin Stabilizers, camera makers have more and more incentive to make smaller cameras. ARRI announced that they’re doing just that this week, unveiling the ALEXA Mini that they designed with gimbal stabilizers in mind.

The ARRI ALEXA Mini will have the same image quality as the full size ALEXA, but in an ultra compact, light-weight, carbon fiber body.

Here are the specs for the ARRI ALEXA Mini:

  •  35 mm format ARRI ALEV III CMOS Sensor with Bayer pattern color filter array
  • Photosites:
    • 16:9
      HD: 2880×1620 (3168×1772)
      2K: 2868×1612 (3154×1764)
      3.2K: 3200×1800 (3424×1926)
      4K UHD: 3200×1800 (3424×1926)
    • 4:3
      2K: 2867×2150 (3168×2160)
  • 14+ stops of Dynamic Range
  • 2K Cine 16:9 2048×1152
    2K Cine 4:3 2048×1536
    3.2K 3200×1800
    4K UHD 3840×2160
    ARRIRAW 2.8K 16:9 2880×1620
    ARRIRAW 2.8K 4:3 2880×2160
  • Codecs: ProRes 4444XQ, 4444, 422 (HQ), 422, 422(LT), ARRIRAW
  • Rec 709, custom look or Log C
  • Outputs: 2x HD-SDI out 1.5G and 3G: uncompressed HD video with embedded audio
    and metadata, SDI-6G interface to external CODEX recorder
  • Inputs: SDI-Genlock (optional activation through ARRI Service), timecode (in and output)
  • Dimensions (body w/PL lens mount)Length: 7.3″ | Width: 4.9″ | Height: 5.5″
  • Weight: 5 lbs (body w/ PL lens mount)

ARRI actually collaborated with Freefly to design the ALEXA Mini. They shot this video with the camera on the MoVI M15 and Cinestar 8.

The ARRI ALEXA mini is expected to available this May. It will cost between $36,000-$46,000 depending on the package. For more details, check out ARRI’s website.