Canon C100 Mark II Footage & Comparison

canon_C100_mark_ii_comparison_videoCanon released the updated C100 Mark II this month. The new C100 has some new features like it’s OLED viewfinder, a new processing unit, and the ability to record 60 fps at 1080p. The new processing unit is supposed to result in “cleaner” images. Does it?

Watch the side by side C100 comparison video below to see how the new sensor stacks up to the old one:

This mini-documentary was shot on a prototype of the C100 Mark II:

What do you think of the C100 Mark II? Are you disappointed that Canon has still not added 4K to their “C” line? After all Sony’s FS7 is sold at a comparable price and offers higher frame rates and higher resolution.

The C100 Mark II is a solid camera with some useful new features, but we suspect most shooters won’t be bothering to upgrade. Instead, they’ll likely wait for the unicorn that is a 4K entry-level Canon camera.