Filmmakers Rejoice! You Can Now Format SSD & SD Cards in Blackmagic Cameras

Format Blackmagic Cards Internally Firmware Update

One of filmmakers big practical complaints about Blackmagic cameras is that previously you could not format media cards in the cameras. As of today, with the new firmware version 1.9.7 update, you can now internally format media in all of the Blackmagic cameras.

Blackmagic explains that the new in camera formatting has some advantages from formatting on a computer because the cameras can optimize can format disks optimized for high performance video use. They have also said that as new disks are released in the future, new software can be released “to take advantage of unique features of disks for maximum performance when recording high data RAW 4K images.”

You will have the choice between ExFAT and HFS+ when formatting cards internally. HFS+ should be use if you will be working only on Mac systems, if using Windows or a combination of both, you should use the ExFAT format.

If you haven’t updated your Blackmagic Camera yet, what are you waiting for? Firmware version 1.9.7 is available to download now. You can download the Mac version or the Windows version.

All of our Blackmagic Camera rentals will be updated to the new firmware.