Kessler Releases New & Improved Pocket Dolly 3

Kessler, the most popular camera slider manufacturer, has just updated their pocket dolly slider. They Pocket Dolly 3 has all the features of the previous Pocket Dollies as well as some upgrades that will making shooting easier.

The new Kessler Pockey Dolly is even lighter than previous models. This is great since this slider is generally used for travel and other situations in which lighter = better. Kessler has also added an integrated cart brake (yay!), and mounting options for adding accessories to the end block. A lug for use with the optional crank handle and up coming HD Flywheel has been added as well.

You can use any of Kessler’s motion control units to add motorized control. They Kessler Parllax can also be used with the new Pocket Dolly.

If you’d like to learn more, please visit Kessler’s product page for the Pocket Dolly 3.