GoPro Cobalt Cage Accessories

At Stray Angel Films we rent a lot of GoPro cameras. As it turns out, these little guys pack a punch and deliver an amazing image for the size of the camera. Filmmakers have found all kinds of creative ways to incorporate them in to their projects. There are tons of accessories that make the GoPro an extremely versatile, useful camera. We’ve compiled a list of accessories we like the best and use the most.

go pro lcd touch bac accessories

GoPro LCD Touch BacPac

The LCD Touch BacPac is my absolute #1-must-have GoPro accessory. It attaches to the back of the camera and allows you to preview the image as well as review photos and videos. It’s also a touchscreen that let’s you change the camera’s settings with ease.

The GoPro LCD Touch BacPac available for rent at Stray Angel Films or for purchase at B&H.


The GoPole for GoPro 

The GoPole is a compact, portable pole that allows you to capture rear and forward facing POV footage. You can get closer to the action and also stabilize your GoPro while using the GoPole. The pole can be extended and locked at any length between 17”-40”.

The GoPole is available for purchase at B&H.HeadStrapMount_PDP_683x426

GoPro Head Strap Mount

I prefer the GoPro Head Strap Mount to the Helmet mount. The Head Strap, in my opinion, gives you a better PoV perspective which captures more movement of your arms when using it for sports. It’s a favorite for skaters and snowboarders.

GoPro Head Strap Mount available for rent at Stray Angel Films or for purchase at B&H.


GoPro Chest Mount Harness

The GoPro Chest Mount is one of the “must-own” mounts for GoPro cameras. You can strap it on to anyone’s chest and get a unique POV. I’ve seen the chest mount used on runners during a marathon for a documentary, on police officers in a reality show, or skaters and skiiers for a dynamic action sports shot. It definitely comes in handy and for only $40 it’s worth having around.

GoPro Chest Mount available for rent at Stray Angel Films or for purchase at B&H.

gopro-floaty-backdoorFloaty Backdoor for GoPro

The Floaty Backdoor for GoPro cameras is a must have if using the camera anywhere in or around water. While the GoPro is waterproof, without the floaty backdoor it will just sink. While this may not be a big deal if you’re shooting in a pool, if you’re in an ocean or lake you may never see your GoPro again!

GoPro Floaty Backdoor available for rent at Stray Angel Films or for purchase at B&H.

gopro pelcian case

Pelican IM2050 Storm Case for GoPro Camera

If you’re putting together a GoPro kit, you probably have a lot of little accessory that are easy to lose. It’s ideal to buy a case like the Pelican to keep everything together in. This way your GoPro and accessories will be protected during travel and on set. Pelican cases are also waterproof and impact proof.

Pelican Case for GoPro cameras available for purchase at B&H.