NAB 2014: Blackmagic Announces New HD & UHD Broadcast Studio Cameras

Blackmagic 4K Studio Camera Price Specs

We’ve gotten used to Blackmagic announcing a new camera every year at NAB, so I don’t know why we thought this year would be any different. They’ve brought the big guns to the show again and unveiled the Black Magic Studio Camera (as well as the URSA), “The world’s smallest broadcast camera with the world’s largest viewfinder”.

Not satisfied with just taking a piece of the indie film community, Blackmagic wants this camera to become the low-budget go-to for live productions.

Currently, we know the Blackmagic Studio Camera is available in two models: HD and Ultra HD (4K). They both feature a Micro Four Thirds mount, 10” full HD viewfinders, built-in fiber optic connections, as well as built-in talk back for studio communication.

As always, the price on the cameras are impressive. The Blackmagic Studio HD Camera will be priced at $1,995 and the 4K Studio camera at $2995.

Blackmagic’s website says that the 4K Studio camera will be shipping in June (but hey, it’s Blackmagic, that could easily turn into December). The HD version of the camera currently has a “buy now” button on the site, but is not yet listed on B&H.

UPDATE: Watch Our Video About The Blackmagic Studio Camera at NAB