New Canon C300 Mark II Will Have 4K

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After the severe price drops on the C300 last week, we all knew Canon would be debuting an updated version this week. Yesterday they broke the news that the Canon C300 Mark II is indeed coming this year and it will shoot 4K internally as well as offer 15 stops of dynamic range.

You’ve probably noticed from the photos that at first glance the C300 Mark II looks almost identical to its original predecessor. Same body design with a slightly updated LCD/Audio attachment. Shooters around the world rejoiced in unison when hearing there is now an on-board mic included, so that scratch track is all yours! Happy synching.

Instead of using CF cards, Canon is moving to the future along with other camera manufacturers and will be using CFast cards. There will be the two CFast 2.0 slots and then one SD Card slot that supports 2K & HD recording in 4:2:0 35 Mbps/24 Mbps Long GOP.

The C300 Mark II will be capable of shooting 4K internally, but 4K RAW can only be achieved externally with the help of a recorder. The internal 4K will be able to shoot up to 30fps at 10 bit 4:2:2.

Watch Canon’s promo video to get an up close look at the new camera:

Here is a summary of the Canon C300 Mark II Specs:

  • 9.84 megapixel Super35 CMOS sensor
  • Dual Digic DV5 Processors
  • 4K/UHD up to 30fps Internally at 10-bit 4:2:2
  • 2K/HD 10/12-bit 4:4:4 up to 60fps, Cropped 2K/HD mode up to 120fps
  • XF-XAVC Intra 410/225/220/110Mbps, Long GOP 50Mbps, 35/24Mbps for Proxy
  • 15 Stops of Dynamic Range
  • 4K RAW Externally (Can record 4K internally and 4K RAW externally at the same time)
  • While shooting 4K, can record proxies in 8-bit 4:2:0 at 35mbps or 24mbps in 2K/HD
  • Flatter Canon Log Gamma 2 (and Canon Wide DR)
  • ISO Up to 102,400
  • Dual CFast 2.0 Card Slots
  • Dual 3G-SDI & HDMI (Unclear if the HDMI can output 4K)
  • XF-AVC intra for 4K, and XF-AVC Intra/Long GOP and Proxy options for 2K/Full HD
  • Internally ND up to 10 stops in expansion mode
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF
  • Audio: 4 Ch. 16/24 bit and 48 kHz, Built-in mic for scratch track
  • OLED EVF 1024 x 576