New Sony FS5 Is A 4K Camera Priced Under $6K

Just in time for the Holidays, Sony is releasing their new 4K FS5, which is priced at $5600. This makes it one of the most affordable Super 35mm 4K cameras on the market. The affordability combined with the selection of codecs and bitrates, as well as features like a “5-second boot”, means the Sony FS5 will be especially popular among documentary, news, and other real world shooters.

The modular body of the FS5 may remind you of the Canon C300. You can strip the camera down, taking things like the top and side handles off. This let’s the FS5 become a little cube, perfect for gimbal stabilizer or drone work.

The Sony FS5 will shoot slow-motion, however it is somewhat limited. You can record up to 8 seconds at 240fps at 1080HD , or 19 seconds at 960fps at 720. If short burst of slow motion won’t work for you, the FS7 might be a better choice (though it is more expensive).

It records up to 100 Mb/s 4K XAVC internally at 8 bit 4:2:0 at 24, 25, or 30 fps. It can also record 1080HD at 4:2:2 internally up to 60 fps. You an also choose to record in AVCHD format. The FS5 also has HDMI and 3G SDI outputs for external recording.

Here are the current specs we know for the Sony FS5:

  • Super 35-Sized CMOS Sensor
  • 14 Stops of Dynamic Range
  • Sony E-Mount
  • UHD 4K at 24/30 FPS, HD Up to 240 FPS
  • Base ISO: 3200
  • Electronic ND Filter System
  • XAVC Long, AVCHD Recording Codecs
  • Weight (Body Only): 1.8 lbs
  • Price: $5600 (Body Only)

You can preorder the Sony FS5 via B&H.

We intend on renting the FS5 as soon as it is available.