Now Renting: Redrock Micro’s Cobalt Cage for GoPro


The Go Pro Hero 3 has become an invaluable tool for the filmmakers of today. With its small size and high resolution, it has found it’s way on many productions. While the camera is a great tool, it has some limitations, one of those being the inability to easily mount accessories.

RedRock Micro’s Cobalt cage is here to solve that problem, as well as a few others. The Cobalt Cage can be used with or without the stock plastic GoPro housing. It protects your camera even better because it is impact-proof, crash-proof, crush-proof, and bullet proof! Using the cage instead of the plastic housing also eliminates the change of fog ruining an otherwise beautiful shot!

The Cobalt Cage is made of precision-machined military-grade aluminum, and features integrated ¼”-20 threads that surround the camera in 360 degrees. This allows you to attach virtually anything to the Go Pro including suction cups, Cardellini clamps, speed rail, or mafer clamps for mounting. You can also attach accessories such as microphones and on-board LED lights.