Over the past week or two there have been some pretty exciting RED DRAGON 6K footage released. From images shot using available light to Lady Gaga’s newest video, the RED DRAGON has entered the film world with a roar. A virtual feast for your eyes, we hope you enjoy the footage as much as we did.

The first 6K Dragon video was shot by the Diamond Brothers. They had 6 hours to run around NYC and test the RED DRAGON using Elite Anamorphic lenses and available light.  There is no grading other than some white balance and RC3/RG3.

The Diamond Bros. had this to say about DRAGON:

“The Dragon is handily 2 stops over the previous Epic MX sensor which in its own right is a stellar sensor. We found ourselves able to expose and ISO where we would not have been able to before without being in the outer limits. I say handily 2 stops over because it’s actually more than that but subjectivity and personal sensitivity to noise floor is for everyone to decide on their own above that. I think one of the bigger eye openers is the slow motion. Higher fps performance at seemingly ludicrous compression ratios. We shot 6K 2:1 Anamorphic 2x at 80fps 17:1. That’s right 17 to bloody 1. You can see in the piece that the compression looks nowhere near that. Also, one of the biggest leaps of all is being able to shoot lower ISO’s without highlight penalties or pinky purple weirdness invading your upper registers.”

“It’s Just Paint” was shot on a RED EPIC DRAGON (Carbon Fiber) and Schneider Cine-Xenar III Primes by Phil Holland:


After the shoot Phil said “Dragon is the best I’ve been waiting for”.  If you’d like to download some of the stills and footage to grade for yourself, Phil has made that available over on REDUSER.

DP Peter Collister was one of the first to shoot sample DRAGON footage. He focused on seeing how it dealt with skin tones:

Here are the settings that Peter used:

Beginning Closeups: 85mm Nikkor T/4 60 fps (11:1 compression)

Old man at window: 24-70mm Canon T/4 40 fps (7:1 Compression)

Highlight T/16 incidentShadow T/ 1.0 2/3 incident

Beach exterior sunset Nikkor 105 macro T/22

Pier Night amusement park 24-70mm Canon zoom T/2.8

Lightbulb dimming up 85mm Nikkor48 fps (9:1 Compression)T/ 5.6 1/2

Sparkler Test Incident 2.8 1/248fps 2.8 (9:1 compression) 

Dog park 70-200 Canon Zoom 

100 fps (17:1 Compression)POLAT/11

Lady Gaga’s video for her single “Applause” was one of the first music videos to be shot in 6K on the RED DRAGON: