Stray Angel Productions: Fading Away Documentary

Stray Angel Films is well known for our rentals, but we are also a growing production company. Recently we were the production company on a documentary about the Korean War, Fading Away.


Fading Away is a feature length documentary that focuses on the untold stories of war veterans, refugees, and others who were impacted by the Korean War. The film is divided in to seven parts, strung together and led by the powerful recollection of the journey of a 13 year-old Korean War orphan who fled the North to the South as he recalls his memories and emotions of the war.

This month the documentary will begin a 100 college international tour in the U.S. and South Korea, starting with a screening at USC on 4/17/12.

Details are below if you wish to attend, the screening is free and open to everyone:

If you’re interested in seeing the film, check out the listing of screenings below in the US to find one near you.

Watch the trailer for Fading Away here: