The Digital Bolex Is Almost Ready To Be Released!

The Digital Bolex team has taken an entirely new approach to creating a new camera. They’ve been letting everyone in on the entire development process through blog posts and videos. The Digital Bolex team is dedicated to creating an affordable camera that can capture amazing images. It seems that very soon, possibly even before Christmas, we will get to see the fruits of their labor as the Digital Bolex D16 is almost ready to ship.

Digital Bolex has been updating at every turn with this camera and it’s been a very interesting process to watch. They had lots of color calibration to consider as of late, shifting to a new daylight matrix. You can really see how far this camera has come.

Digital Bolex D16 Cinema Camera Stock Photo

With the color calibration now complete, the team is getting ready to freeze the firmware on the D16. At the end of September, the team announced that they anticipated shipping the first 100 cameras within six weeks. Currently, they say they are still on target.

We look forward to seeing what everyone goes out and shoots once the Digital Bolex D16 is released. Are you planning on shooting any upcoming projects on the D16?