Updates Coming For ARRI ALEXA & AMIRA Cameras

ARRI has announced new Software Pack Updates (SUP) for their ALEXA and AMIRA cameras.

The new SUP 11, for ALEXA XT/XR and ALEXA Classic, will allow shooters to record in ProRes 3.2K and includes ARRI’s debayering algorithm.

ALEXA ProRes 3.2K is a new recording resolution that uses 3.2K photo sites from the sensor to record a 16:9 3.2K ProRes file. The 3.2K sensor area was chosen because it is the largest area that can still be covered by almost all Super 35 PL mount lenses. At data rates far below uncompressed ARRIRAW, ALEXA ProRes 3.2K provides the benefits of the well-established and efficient ProRes workflow. A straightforward up-sample from ALEXA ProRes 3.2K using standard post tools results in a 4K UHD deliverable of unsurpassed overall image quality.

The debayering aglorithm, ADA-5, will improve image quality by delivering sharper and cleaner images. This will be especially noticeable in small, high-contrast details, (such as thin branches against a blue sky), which will exhibit smoother, cleaner edges. Another function of ADA-5 is the reduction of noise in the red and blue channels, making bluescreen compositing a breeze.

Expanded media support is another feature of SUP 11.0, with all ALEXA cameras now able to support all generations of SxS PRO+ cards, and ALEXA XT/XR cameras able to support SanDisk CFast 2.0 128 GB cards.
ALEXA compatibility with the ARRI Electronic Control System (ECS) has also been expanded, with SUP 11.0 providing support for the new Lens Data Encoder LDE-1, as well as unlocking a number of new features when using the WCU-4 wireless hand unit.

To read more about the ARRI ALEXA SUP 11, please go to the ARRI Downloads Page.

ARRI will also be releasing SUP 2.0 for the AMIRA. This update will let users record ProRes 4444 in UHD at up to 60 fps (with the purchase of a license). This update will be released in March of this year with SUP 3.0 following shortly behind. SUP 3.0 will add MPEG-2 422 50Mbps recording for broadcasting.

To learn more about the AMIRA SUP 2.0 and 3.0 updates, please check out ARRI’s download page.