Video Contest: 2XU Basketball Compression Tights

Have you heard of It is a global social network for creative talent (that means you, filmmakers!). They partner with companies to bring community members opportunities to create great ads for leading brands.

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Currently, they are looking for they are looking for filmmakers to shoot to create 30-60 second second documentary style videos that tell the story of NBA athletes and competitive basketball players alike, trusting 2XU gear but not being allowed to wear it due to the media dollars behind many famous brands.

Below is a copy of bullet-point notes about the contest:

2XU Basketball Webinar Notes


● 2XU offers some of the best compression performance wear, and wants to market their

gear as recovery gear that can be used during and/or after playing the sport.

○ The products they are pushing in the basketball market: knee compression, full

leg compression sleeves, calf compression, and elbow compression (without


○ 2XU wants to break into the NBA, however the NBA is a business focused on

sponsorships. For this reason, many players under clothing contracts (e.g. Nike,

Adidas) will get reprimanded for wearing their products.

● Successful submissions would target 17–25 year olds who use or are interested in using

2XU gear to improve their performance and recovery.

○ More so than other sports, Basketball has an emphasis on clothing brands and

apparel. It’s important that 2XU is shown as trendy and cool in your videos.

● The video needs to communicate how this product works, how the product can make

someone a better basketball player, and how the customer can access the product.

● Ideal video length is 30 seconds. Most likely the videos will be running on the screens

inside sports authority and be part of a catalog of videos.

● Brand Identity is about pushing boundaries and pushing buttons → can be looped into

the video.

● Things to avoid

○ Directly addressing athletes/ appropriating their likeness

○ Directly addressing the NBA/ appropriating its likeness.


Who are we targeting?

● 17–25 year olds males and females

● Anyone outside of the NBA, including but not limited to semi­professionals and

European players

What should the video communicate?

● How the product works (compression)

● How it can enhance you as a basketball player, regardless of how much experience you


● How the customer can access the product

● Show the connection between the brand and basketball

● Ideal video length is 30 seconds

● Do not​reference the NBA

Does the video need to showcase a player?

● No, the video can feature a player, a coach, a pick­up team, a collection of people, and

animation, etc. The main point is to show the connection between the brand and


Can we cast actors as basketball players?

● Yes, absolutely

How “provocative” should the video be?

● Video should be provocative, but the main point should be to focus on the connection

between the brand and basketball.

Will there be an endslate/ materials we should include in the end product?

● Yes, keep an eye on the Zooppa forums for when these become available.

How “documentary” do you want the videos to be?

● The events that occur in the video should be plausible and realistic events, ultimately

aimed at telling a story. The videos produced should be high­quality.

Has the product been medically proven to enhance performance?

● Check 2XU website for more information on this

● Evidence is not specific to basketball, but to the compression wear

If you’re interested in learning more about the Zoopa 2XU Video Contest or would like to enter, please check out the official page .