Want To Shoot Anamorphic On Your GoPro? Thanks To Letus, Now You Can.


Letus has been making anamorphic adapters for quote some time now, so no one should’ve been surprised when they announced their new AnamorphX-GP anamorphic adapter for GoPro cameras. The Letus AnamorphX-GP is a 1.33x anamorphic adapter that  can be used with the GoPro Hero 3+ to capture footage in a cinematic 2.39:1 aspect ratio. 

Letus currently has the AnamorphX-GP listed on their website with the following info:

Aerial photographers/videographers will also benefit from the extremely small form factor of the AnamorphX-GP. When paired with a brushless gimbal on a multirotor, this adapter will allow users to capture sweeping cinematic footage from the air without investing in a heavy lifter or incurring the added risk of flying 10’s of thousands of dollars of gear around.

The GoPro anamorphic adapter also maintains the waterproof integrity of the GoPro 3+ housing allowing for underwater anamorphic footage! Surfers, divers, and other aquatic adventurers now have the ability to capture true 2.39:1 anamorphic format videos. Add cinematic style the next time you drop in on a beautiful double overhead that is barreling perfectly in front of you!

Like to jump out of airplanes, off cliffs, or from bridges? Capture it even more dramatically with the AnamorphX-GP! No need to change out your GoPro mounts or rigging. Simply attach the Letus anamorphic adapter to a GoPro 3+ housing and shoot! No bulk or weight of a traditional anamorphic camera setup.

The Letus AnamporphX-GP for the GoPro Hero 3+ opens up endless possibilities for capturing 2.39:1 cinematic footage for any film maker at any level. So wether you are sending a weather balloon to the edge of space or just spending the weekend at the beach with the family, take your GoPro to the next level with the Letus AnamorphX-GP!


– 1.33x squeeze factor

– Custom CNC aluminum housing

– Use the GoPro Hero3+ waterproof housing for mounting. The adapter replaces the waterproof lens housing element. The unit will retain waterproof property.

– In 1080 mode, when the Letus AnamorphX-GP is attached, it will convert the 16:9 aspect ratio into 2.39:1 aspect ratio without the need for cropping (post production de-squeeze is required).

– In Superview mode the GoPro records in 4:3 aspect ratio and digitally stretch the image into 16:9 aspect ratio referred to as dynamic stretching by GoPro. The center of the image is kept the same but the outer of the image is progressively stretched outward and that is what causes the distortion, especially on the edges. This is why GoPro does not recommend shooting people on the edges in superview mode for the distortion will make people on the side look much fatter than they really are. When use with the AnamorphX-GP, the extra 33% (1.33x) field of view will then create a 16:9 image that compensate for this digital stretch. As a result, the GoPro in superview mode with AnamorphX-GP yields a true 16:9 image where you can see people (objects) on the edges to have a more normal aspect* (not stretched). You can use the 16:9 images in superview mode with the AnamorphX-GP adapter as is and will not need to be de-squeezed in post.

The Letus anamorphic GoPro adapter is supposed to start shipping at the end of this month. The list price is currently $199 and will be available at Letus35.com.

The AnamorphX-GP is designed to work with the GoPro Hero 3+ housing. If you want to use this adapter with a GoPro Hero 3, it appears you will have to put it in the Hero 3+ housing.

Do you think an anamorphic GoPro adapter is a valuable filmmaking tool? If so, what would you shoot with it?