The Best 6K RED DRAGON Footage From Around The Web


With 9x more pixels than HD, 20+ stops of dynamic range (using HDRx), and a native ISO of 2000, the new RED DRAGON 6K sensor makes images that are a serious treat for your eyes. We’ve seen some footage trickle out of the past few months so we decided to make a blog post compiling some our favorite DRAGON images and tests so far.

One of the first chances we got to see RED DRAGON footage was from Peter Collister. He posted these shots that really show off how well DRAGON handles skin tone.

A few months ago, Mark Toia released this massive video with tons of footage that he shot in two days with the 6K DRAGON. He really shows off just how well this sensor handles shadows and highlights.

“It’s Just Paint” was shot by Phil Holland on a RED EPIC Carbon Fiber DRAGON. Here you can see just how many details the 6K sensor can see. You can even watch the UHD 4K resolution version on Youtube by selecting the “Orginal” resolution.

Axiom Images took the RED DRAGON to the skies and shot these stunning night aerial images of Los Angeles.

There are currently two other impressive aerial 6K DRAGON videos out there:

If you really want to see just how well DRAGON handles low light situations, you have to watch this candle lit ISO test from Phil Holland.

We can’t wait to see what else people shoot with this beautiful sensor! Is there a project you’re planning on using RED DRAGON for? Let us know in the comments below.